Lake Victoria Mining Company holds a property portfolio of Mining Licenses, Primary Mining Licenses and Prospecting licenses.
Politically statable One of Tanzania's greatest assets is its people, who are courteous, warm, friendly and peaceful earning the country its nickname "Little Switzerland of Africa". Tanzania has enjoyed almost half a century of political stability.
Investing in Tanzania Tanzania's open door policy has added it to the list of countries earning improved treatment by international insurance agencies. Between 2004 and 2009, Tanzania received an annual average of US$554.1 million in Foreign Direct Investment.
Tanzania Resource Wealth Tanzania boasts a gold reserve of 45 million ounces and is the third largest gold producer in Africa.

Lake Victoria Mining Company,Inc.

is a gold exploration company focused on acquiring, exploring and developing gold mines in Africa's world famous Lake Victoria Greenstone Belt in Tanzania, East Africa. This region is the 3rd largest producer of the African gold mining regions.

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